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Lotus Gathering is possible thanks to the many friends — old and new — who have stepped in to lend their skills, experience, and expertise to make this vision unfold, including you. That said, allow us to introduce the team making Lotus Gathering possible!

Cynthia Gomez
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Cynthia Gomez

A lifelong student of soul science — the intersection of spirituality with every branch of knowledge — Cynthia Gomez blends spirituality, philosophy, and the sciences to help facilitate quantum healing and conscious living. She is trained in Reiki and other intersectional energy work modalities, and is a certified master life coach. She is also a writer and entrepreneur. She owns The Gaia Revolution, through which she hosts healing retreats, and Light Rising Publishing, which offers unique publishing solutions to produce content that facilitates empowered storytelling, meaning-making, and wisdom sharing to expand consciousness and connectedness, and inspire kinder living. Catch Cynthia teaching workshops on gratitude and forgiveness, and facilitating a panel discussion on resilience, when she's not running event logistics. 

Helen Blaaker

Helen Blaaker has studied, practiced, and taught Raja Yoga Meditation, a form of meditation mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita for gaining an understanding of and control over self, for more than 15 years. Helen's professional practice, The Easy Yogi, offers consultations in Ayurveda, an ancient system of preventative health, meditation instruction, and practical spirituality. While working in the financial industry, Helen maintains a dedicated meditation practice, blogs and podcasts about spirituality, and helps people find ways to integrate mindfulness into their daily lives. Most recently, she worked with facilitators abroad to bring a unique and powerful silent retreat curriculum to the United States. Catch Helen teaching workshops on meditation and Ayurveda, when she's not running event logistics.

Kristin Barber

Kristin Barber started practicing yoga in 2007 after a recommendation from a chiropractor to address chronic neck and spine pain. Once hooked on the physical, with no intention to teach, she started to take training to improve her own practice, alignment, and, more importantly, philosophy. Yet it was her dharma to continue to pass the knowledge that was given to her, and recently, Kristin has been exploring sound healing, hosting crystal bowl healing ceremonies and crystal bowl yoga workshops, finding joy in bringing movement and sound to the community to vibrate higher together! Join Kristin for morning yin yoga and catch her on the singing bowls throughout the weekend, or find her and randomly thank her for her many contributions to making Lotus Gathering a reality.

DJ Dharmadrum

Known personally as David DiBernardinis, Jr., DJ Dharmadrum believes music transcends words, helping us helps to heal, unify and truly accept each other regardless of nationality, creed, culture, or language. He keeps busy playing local ecstatic dance, yoga, and other conscious events in and around the St. Pete/Clearwater/Tampa area. DJ Dharmadrum spins meditative sound fields, ethnic deep house scapes and global base to facilitate mindful, meditative movement, and a spiritual vibe for all tribes. As Lotus Gathering's resident deejay, he will be spinning nightly during an ecstatic dance silent disco and helping with all things sound.

Amanda Fowler

Author of "A Little High Vibe A Little Fuck It: 30 Days to Drop The Mediocre Bullshit and Start Living Your Best Life," Amanda is a life coach, aerialist and fire performer who goes by the stage name Phoenix, and social media wiz. Amanda serves as Lotus Gathering's fire and flow coordinator and is also lending us her amazing social media acumen to help Lotus Gathering truly bloom. 

Joshua Purves (TELOS369)

Fusing futuristic bass frequencies with ancient primal roots, TELOS369 creates sonic vibrational journeys that take listeners into the depths of the heart and spirit. expanding consciousness, and invoking a sense of soul remembrance on the highest of levels. He is also a visual artist, chief creator at Ananda Embodied, a conscious collective of artists, creators, and spiritual practitioners who are passionate about promoting bliss embodiment. With his partner, Liz, he also leads Party with Purpose, a collective movement in the electronic music scene promoting conscious intention, personal growth, presence, and spirituality. Joshua brings his many talents to Lotus Gathering as it's art coordinator.


Don Solo

A lifelong DJ & freestyle dancer growing up between Chicago and Detroit's early house and techno underground scenes, Don has worked for more than 25 years in the music, nightlife, and hospitality industries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago, earning a degree in ethnomusicology along the way. Attending an ecstatic dance in 2018 changed his life, reminding him why he fell in love with the music in the first place — dancing. He moved to Tampa Bay in 2019, where he has dedicated his life to developing the vibrant Edance movement all across Florida and the world. Don believes that a D.O.S.E. (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins) of conscious, intentional dance is the best, all-natural drug cocktail that humanity needs to restore the mind-body-and-soul balance, reconnect with each other in community, and realize the source of divinity inside us ALL. he joins Lotus Gathering in creating a nightly ecstatic dance container.

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