Lotus Gathering isn't a festival. And it isn't a retreat. It's a sacred container for doing deep, inner healing work while surrounded by beauty and combining conscious connection with commUnity and pure, joyful fun. This carefully curated experience won't just heal your inner child; it'll also invite them to come out to play. We are still adding to our offerings, so check back soon for more. We'll also add days and times here as we finalize our schedule. 



Into-Me-I-See: Eye Gazing Meditation - Lucia Gabriela, Sacred Love Temple

This powerful guided meditative technique is a way to see our interconnectedness to one another by seeing ourselves in another and allowing another being to see themself in us. We are all one, and in that spirit of unity, you'll make a new friend while learning exactly just how true this statement really is. This isn't just about fostering connection, but also about demonstrating the power that using our fellow human beings as mirrors for our own personal development work can accelerate growth. 

Meditation 101: The Easy Yogi Way - Helen Blaaker, The Easy Yogi

Find your center with ease, regardless of the external chaos. Join us for a chat on the myriad benefits of making meditation a regular part of your life, from a sense of calm bliss and clarity to improved physical health, and learn practical tips and strategies for making meditation easy.

Becoming the Phoenix: Facing the Shadows with Courage & Authenticity - A Panel Discussion

We gain much of our programming — views of the world and ways of being — as little children from the world and people around us, but at that age, our prefrontal cortexes have yet to develop, preventing us from thinking critically about all of the information about this new world we're inhabiting and everything we're soaking up. This is an interactive panel discussion about taking an honest and compassionate look at ourselves, our programming, and the challenges life throws our way to become more resilient and grow into more authentic versions of ourselves. 

Anchoring Gratitude - Cynthia Gomez, The Gaia Revolution

Learn how gratitude literally rewires us, creating not just a more positive way of experiencing the world, but also setting you up to receive more of the things for which we express gratitude. This is a workshop about the power of perception to help gain from every experience through reframing. We'll end with a neurolinguistic programming visualization exercise designed to help us tap into feelings of deep, joyous gratitude on command. 

Breathwork for Self Trust - Jodi Rehm, The Greentree Goddess

Trust represents a primary link between self and all people, places, and things. However, we so often lack trust because we give it to others and later resent them if it's broken and ourselves for placing trust where it wasn't deserved. But when we learn to truly trust ourselves, we can better learn to trust in relation to the external world. This workshop and guided meditation brings you into the depths of your body, right to the marrow of your bones, to unlock and clear the binds and debris that hold us back from self-trust. This is not a silent or still meditation. Be prepared to move, shake, tone, and remove deep karmic imprints attached to or held within your DNA.

Intro to Ayurveda: The Nature of Your Nature - Helen Blaaker, The Easy Yogi

While it is true that our inner state is paramount in shaping our experience in this physical world, understanding ourselves requires exploring our interrelationship with the five elements. We affect them, and they in turn affect us. How do the five elements impact our physical, mental, and emotional make-up? And what practices, from diet to physical care, can we use to heal our relationship with the five elements to reach new levels of physical wellness and spiritual wholeness? Ayurveda, which translates into "the science of life," offers us wisdom for living in balance with our unique, elemental constitutions. 


Unlock & Release Pain Stored in the Body with Breathwork - Jodi Rehm, The Greentree Goddess

Breathe. Breathe through it all. The breath, after all, is the key to unlocking all the negative emotions and thoughts stored in your body, allowing you to process and release that which no longer serves you. The result? You'll learn to cultivate an airy lightness, make room for good in your life, and release yourself from the shackles of pain and disease that stuck emotions and old, negative programming can cause in the body. 

Cacao Ceremony & Forgiveness by the Fire (a 2-in-1!) - Cynthia Gomez, The Gaia Revolution

Self-care isn’t just about treating ourselves well, but also about doing the hard work of being present with challenging feelings so that we move past them to align with the highest version of ourselves. We'll start this workshop with an introduction to cacao plant medicine and a heart-opening cacao ceremony to facilitate the transformation about to occur. We'll then talk about the power of forgiveness and use an impactful guided meditation for freeing ourselves from anger, shame, and resentment towards ourselves and others, allowing ourselves the gift of feeling lighter and freer than ever. Finally, we'll release both intentions and that which no longer serves us into the universe by way of air and fire. Take time to write what you’d like to release on our flame-shaped effigy, as well as your intentions for your life, and watch them be carried up in smoke during this very special burn.

Steel Tongue Drumming 101 - Deejay Dharmadrum

Deejay Dharmadrum makes beautiful-sounding steel-tongue drums out of upcycled propane tanks, using a unique technique for greater resonance and tuning them to a frequency of 432 hertz, which is reflected in nature and releases emotional blocks while expanding consciousness. The drums are not just fun to play, but help to recalibrate and heal our cells, as well. Learn to play them easily, even if you've never picked up any other musical instrument, and as you build confidence in your skills to pick up a new instrument, consider what other areas of your life you might be holding yourself back because of fear or pre-judgments about the difficulty of learning a new skill or your personal ability. Another bonus? Learning new skills protects our telomeres—the ends of our chromosomes) from deterioration, helping us to avoid, or at least postpone, the pitfalls of aging.

Consent Paint Party - Lucia Gabriela, Sacred Love Temple

We are all works of art. This workshop takes that a little literally. Join us for a fun and instructive exploration of consent with body paint. We'll get a little messy (in a good way!) as we partner off and decorate each other in glow-in-the-dark body paint, while simultaneously learning about consent, setting boundaries, and getting comfortable expressing those boundaries in positive and constructive ways. This isn't just a paint party; it's skill-building for life. 

Conscious Cuddle - Lucia Gabriela, Sacred Love Temple

The science of the snuggle is real: Cuddling creates a biochemical reaction in the body which make us feel safe and loved, but also can decrease depression, blood pressure, and heart rate. Here, we break down taboos around platonic, non-sexual intimacy, and explore how to engage in conscious and consent-based cuddling with our friends and soon-to-be-friends. This is an opportunity to practice empowered consent and boundary setting and expression. 



Opening Ceremony & Sound Bath

This is a time to get settled into the weekend, make new friends, set intentions for your own healing and growth, and connect with yourself and the nature around you with an immersive sound bath. 

Yin Yoga with Kristin Barber

Start each day with a dose of gentle, meditative yin yoga, focusing on stretching and breathing to bring you into a feeling of relaxed and peaceful bliss. 

Kayaking & Paddleboarding with Marivee Bejar

Join a group for a guided morning or sunset paddle tour through the mangroves (rentals available at extra cost), or rent a kayak or standup paddleboard to explore on your own. You may also bring your own kayak or paddleboard to use. 

Nightly Drum Circle

Bring your drum for our nightly drum circle by the fire, or borrow one from our drum circle facilitator. If you're not into drumming, simply come and allow the beat to transport you to a place deeper within yourself. 

Silent Disco Ecstatic Dance with DJ Dharmadrum

Ecstatic dance is an inner journey through freeform movement, facilitated by a deejay, where you're free to express yourself uniquely as others dance to the beat of their own drums as well. DJ Dharmadrum will take you through a deeply meditative, slightly tribal sound journey, perfect for moving through anything you may be holding on to that doesn't serve your highest good.

Gong Wash with Nebula (Infinite Harmonies)

Sound Alchemist Jess Naomi "Nebula" of Infinite Harmonies creates a portal to relaxation and connection to our higher selves during a meditative gong wash. This journey inward isn't just about relaxation; gong washes have been used since ancient times to remove emotional blockages and open the channels to deeper spiritual connection. 

Cacao Ceremony

Aside from having a ton of health benefits, ceremonial cacao is a powerful heart opener traditionally used by ancient tribes elders in the Amazon during times of conflict to help reduce otherness and achieve compromise. Here, we'll be using cacao as part of a larger ceremony, designed to cultivate compassion for both the self and others and gift ourselves forgiveness.

Effigy Burn

A large, three-dimensional wooden flame will go up in flames, the smoke carrying up to the universe that which we want to surrender, release and transmute for ourselves, along with our good intentions, so be sure to take time prior to this effigy burn to grab a marker and write on its very special effigy prior to the burn.


Kirtan is a rhythmic, collective performance in which words and mantras holding a high spiritual vibration, usually in the Sanskrit language, are repeated in a call-and-response musical format. This is a powerful way to step into present mindfulness and tap into the power of the universe, the unified field, or source energy. 



High-vibrational live music across multiple genres (e.g., electronic, conscious rap, and soulful jam) will run nightly starting after the last workshop of the day, and will be followed by a drum circle and silent disco ecstatic dance. Take a look at some of the artists in our first-round lineup below, and check back for some new additions as we get closer to the event! Oh, and click on those names to check out their music! 

DJ Dharmadrum 

A vibrational therapist of the most fun kind and Lotus Gathering's resident DJ, Dharmadrum spins deep ethnic downtempo, house, and a wide variety of electronic music grounded in spirituality and mindful movement.


Since his awakening began, Be has been spreading light and sharing about journey as a multidimensional being having a human experience through his rap lyrics, recorded at 432 hertz, the natural frequency of the universe.

Myles Optimystic 

A New Earth hip-hop and experimental pop artist, Optimystic's music—intentionally tuned with healing frequencies—explores themes like mindfulness and meditation, as well as healing, self-empowerment, and collective transformation. 

Este Loves

A soulful singer-songwriter, Este Loves spreads, well—what else but love?—through her positivity-filled and inspirational lyrics and soulful, guitar-led harmonies.

Rez Vidal

Rez produces genre-defying, psy-adjacent electronic music that is both emotive and intellectual, allowing you to shake out and move through whatever you're working through.


Vejji King

Vejji has described his music as "vegan hippy shit," but his fun and silly approach to music contrasts his deep and poetic messages about personal transformation and growth with endearing authenticity.

Kris Cherry

We don't know know how to classify Cherry's music, except to say it's a dash of many genres—including folk, alternative, and hip-hop—mixed into a delightful concoction that just feels good to the soul.