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Lotus Gathering isn't a festival. And it isn't a retreat. It's a sacred container for doing deep, inner healing work while surrounded by beauty and combining conscious connection with commUnity and pure, joyful fun. This carefully curated experience won't just heal your inner child; it'll also invite them to come out to play. We are still adding to our offerings, so check back soon for more. We'll also add days and times here as we finalize our schedule. 

Lotus Gathering 2023 Recap

Lotus Gathering 2023 Recap

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Introduction to Human Design

Join Alizabeth Grace of Ananda Embodied for a conversation about human design, a comprehensive system for understanding your personality, energetic aura, and tendencies, to better navigate all aspects of your life. Weaving together principles from various spiritual systems, including The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics, human design uses precise details of your birthto provide a body graph, or a blueprint of who you are.


Reflections and Revelations

What we see in the mirror is often seen through the lens of our programming, cultural ideas of beauty and what we should "be," personal insecurities, and others perceptions that we have chosen, usually unconsciously, to internalize. This powerful workshop, led by Life Coach Amanda Fowler and author of "A Little High Vibe A Little Fuck It: 30 Days to Drop The Mediocre Bullshit and Start Living Your Best Life," asks us to look beyond those as we engage in mirror work to create a truer and more helpful reflection of ourselves and reveal deeper personal truths. 

Anchoring Gratitude

Learn how gratitude literally rewires us, creating not just a more positive way of experiencing the world, but also setting you up to receive more of the things for which we express gratitude. Led by Cynthia Gomez of The Gaia Revolution, this is a workshop about the power of perception to help gain from every experience through reframing. We'll end with a neurolinguistic programming visualization exercise designed to help us tap into feelings of deep, joyous gratitude on command. 


Honoring the Medicine: Sacred Cacao Ceremony by Ananda Embodied 

Step into the realm of ancient wisdom with "Honoring the Medicine: Sacred Cacao Ceremony" by Ananda Embodied. With deep reverence, we invite you to experience the time-honored tradition of cacao, cherished by Central and South American indigenous cultures for millennia. This communal gathering is a sacred space where we come together to connect with the Earth, our own hearts, and one another. During this transformative ceremony, we explore the knowledge and many benefits of cacao, delving into intentional practices that enhance your connection with this sacred plant medicine. Journey briefly through the Mayan calendar, and align with the energy of the specific day, infusing our gathering with its resonance. As we partake in this ceremonial experience, immerse yourself in the enchanting strains of intentional medicine music, serving as a harmonious backdrop to anchor us in the frequencies of the sacred. Join us on a journey of connection, healing, and inner exploration through the art of cacao.

Breathwork Alchemy

Embark on a profound journey of self-transformation with TELOS369 in this powerful offering called “Breathwork Alchemy.” Breathwork serves as a potent catalyst for healing, transmutation, and the manifestation of your deepest desires. Guided by the wisdom of ancient alchemy and energetic principles, this workshop offers a sacred space where you can harness the power of your breath to unlock and release all that no longer serves you. Through the alchemical process, you'll discover the keys to anchoring yourself in the reality you aspire to create. Join us for this transformative experience, where you'll embrace the full potential of your breath and step into a new, empowered version of yourself.

Forgiveness by the Fire 

Self-care isn’t just about treating ourselves well, but also about doing the hard work of being present with challenging feelings so we can move past them to align with the highest version of ourselves. We'll then talk about the power of forgiveness and then Cynthia Gomez of The Gaia Revolution will guide us through an impactful visualization exercise to free ourselves from anger, shame, and resentment towards ourselves and others, allowing ourselves to feel lighter and freer than ever. Weaving a cacao ceremony into the experience of gifting ourselves forgiveness, we'll release both that which no longer serves us and positive intentions into the universe by way of air and fire. Take time to write what you’d like to release on our flame-shaped effigy, as well as your intentions for your life, and watch them be carried up in smoke during this very special burn.


Primal Contact Dance

Join TELOS369 for an immersive workshop tol dive into a dynamic journey of self-discovery as you explore the intricate relationship between your body and others. Using the initial points of physical contact as your creative launchpad, you'll embark on a captivating voyage of movement improvisation and dance exploration. This transformative experience is designed to enhance your reflexive actions, foster active listening, and nurture trust within a supportive environment, all guided by the synergy of music and motion. Unleash your primal instincts as we delve into the realm of animal energies, tapping into our natural state of instinctual play. Connect with like-minded individuals and venture into the world of physicality, space, and interpersonal dynamics through the powerful medium of dance.

Party with Purpose

Party with Purpose is a collective movement in the electronic music event scene started by Ananda Embodied promoting conscious intention, personal growth, presence, and spirituality. Beyond simply partying, we inspire individuals to view these events as transformative experiences for self-discovery and connection.



Opening Ceremony & Sound Bath

This is a time to get settled into the weekend, make new friends, set intentions for your own healing and growth, and connect with yourself and the nature around you with an immersive sound bath. 

Yin Yoga & Downtempo Dub

Start each day with a dose of gentle, meditative yin yoga led by Kristin Barber, focusing on stretching and breathing to bring you into a feeling of relaxed and peaceful bliss, with live downtempo dub by Moonbeam and RecycledChyld to help you drop into yourself.

Nightly Drum Circle

Bring your drum for our nightly drum circle by the fire, or borrow one from our drum circle facilitator. If you're not into drumming, simply come and allow the beat to transport you to a place deeper within yourself. 

Silent Disco Ecstatic Dance 

Ecstatic dance is an inner journey through freeform movement, facilitated by a deejay, where you're free to express yourself uniquely as others dance to the beat of their own drums as well. DJ Dharmadrum, along with several other of our musical performers, will take you through a deeply meditative, tribal, and psychedelic sound journey, perfect for moving through anything you may be holding on to that doesn't serve your highest good.

Gong Wash 

Enter a portal to relaxation and connection to our higher selves during this meditative gong wash. This journey inward isn't just about relaxation; gong washes have been used since ancient times to remove emotional blockages and open the channels to deeper spiritual connection. 

Late-Night CandleLit Sound Baths

Find yourself surrounded by the light of flickering candles as you sink into an immersive sound bath experience after a long day of learning, healing, dancing, and playing to help attune your cells to a higher frequency. 

Cacao Ceremony

Aside from having a ton of health benefits, ceremonial cacao is a powerful heart opener traditionally used by ancient tribes elders in the Amazon during times of conflict to help reduce otherness and achieve compromise. Here, we'll be using cacao as part of two larger ceremonies—one to ground intention for the weekend, and another as part of a forgiveness ceremony designed to cultivate compassion for both the self and others and gift ourselves forgiveness.

Effigy Burn

A large, three-dimensional wooden flame will go up in flames, the smoke carrying up to the universe that which we want to surrender, release and transmute for ourselves, along with our good intentions, so be sure to take time prior to this effigy burn to grab a marker and write on its very special effigy prior to the burn.


Kirtan is a rhythmic, collective performance in which words and mantras holding a high spiritual vibration, usually in the Sanskrit language, are repeated in a call-and-response musical format. This is a powerful way to step into present mindfulness and tap into the power of the universe, the unified field, or source energy. 

Closing Sound Bath & Reiki Circle

As we prepare to leave this sacred container and return to our lives, let's come together one last time to ground in the learning and healing we've done individually and collectively with an immersive sound bath and closing Reiki circle.



High-vibrational live music across multiple genres (e.g., electronic, conscious rap and hip-hop, and soulful jam) will run nightly on TWO stages, starting after the last workshop of the day, and will be followed by a drum circle and silent disco ecstatic dance. We are so excited to welcome back some of the amazing artists who joined us last year. Stay tuned for many more!

DJ Dharmadrum

A vibrational therapist of the most fun kind and Lotus Gathering's resident DJ, Dharmadrum spins deep ethnic downtempo, house, and a wide variety of electronic music grounded in spirituality and mindful movement.


Fusing futuristic bass frequencies with ancient primal roots, TELOS369 creates sonic vibrational journeys that are heavily inspired by meditation, metaphysics, mythology, and plant medicine. Tapping into the true power of sound, TELOS369 brings the energy of an erupting volcano and a crashing tsunami meeting in alchemical synergy, taking listeners into the depths of the heart and spirit. expanding consciousness, and invoking a sense of soul remembrance on the highest of levels.


Hiburu means "language of light," and this electronic producer's music is a representation of his life's purpose: helping listeners along their journey of self-realization with infinite love through sound journeys that are simultaneously meditative, psychedelic, and primal.


Since his awakening began, Be has been spreading light and sharing about journey as a multidimensional being having a human experience through his rap lyrics, recorded at 432 hertz, the natural frequency of the universe.

Chords & Arrows

Multi-instrumentalist Fuentes Dany is the musical genius behind Chords & Arrows. He has been creating and experimenting with various genres of music for 20 years, with the intention to create a new style that can perhaps be best described as psychedelic storytelling electronica. His music is a seamless blend of downtempo, healing soundscapes with a tribal vibe.

Brielle Águila

Brielle Águila is a medicine musician, song-channeler, permaculturist, forager, Waldorf gardening teacher, intentional mother, and keeper of the sacred. Her music is a prayer to guide you to your internal hOMe and completeness within, through the allowance of all emotions and the pure power of transmutation of all pain and traumas into inspiration and beauty. Her greatest teachers are the elements and plants and animals of Mother Earth. Her deep connection to Pachamama and Creator and ancient ways helps her channel these song prayers for the people. May all beings be happy and free and may the medicine music bring us together to remember our oneness and that the key to liberation is through honoring all of our relations and honoring all aspects of life without avoidance.


Germoney moved from Germany to the USA with $200 and a suitcase to pursue his big passion, rap music. Today, he leads Pangea Music, an international, multi-genre artist group. G-Money's mission in life is to bring people together and to spread love by inspiring people to reflect on themself and relate to others with compassion and care, and his genuine love for humanity and positive energy permeate every track. His lyrics are full of depth and meaning, helping listeners turn inward to find healing, strength, and love within, and come together to create a better world. 

Killam with Kindness

Killam turned to yoga, breathwork, meditation, plant medicine, Sanskrit chanting, and music to come back from debilitating grief, injuries, and addiction. He now performs kirtan like you've never heard before, deeply resonant, moving, and magical, to help others grow through their challenging times and embody their fullest potential despite any obstacles. 


J. Denèe

J. Denèe is a frequency-raising sound healing facilitator and conscious singer/songwriter. Her mission is to harmonize the planet by connecting people through sound. Her soulful vocals and rhythmic acoustics transport listeners on a journey out of the mind and into the heart, where all truth is revealed! 

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