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Lotus Gathering - Mission & Vision

Lotus Gathering - Mission & Vision

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Just as the lotus flower grows through the mud, we too can grow from all of our experiences, but that blossoming requires giving ourselves the space, time, and tools to see the gifts in everything, to hold space for ourselves, and to process stored emotions. Thus, Lotus Gathering is a sacred container for working through the shadows and tapping into the light. There are no gurus here, just friends you haven't yet met, on the same path to greater healing and wholeness, growing stronger together and creating ever-expanding ripples of loving kindness in the world. THAT, my friend, is the whole point of Lotus Gathering. It's why we exist.

Lotus Gathering is a vision made possible because of the many friends — old and new — who have resonated deeply with our vision and gotten on board to make it a reality. Together, we create a beautiful space for deep, personal transformation to occur. We add expert facilitators across a wide variety of healing modalities, and we wrap it all in high-vibrational music and art, curating our workshop, music, and art lineups with meticulous attention to vibe and detail. And then the magic happens. We show up. You show up. Fully. Authentically. Ready to grow. To heal. To embody the truest expression of our souls. This is more than a blast. It's transcendence. It's a blast-off.



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